Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Storage--Canning Butter

Our family has given great effort and attention to making sure we have what we need in our 1 year supply of Food Storage. Our latest addition and experiment was butter. We learned how to can it so it will last on our shelf for 5+ years. We're trying to get stuff out of our freezer so it will last longer if there is an electrical outage. This was a fun Family Home Evening!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dance Festival Performance

Paramount Ward Dancers!Standing: Briana, Sadi, Katelyn, Austin, Ben, Justin, Nate, Alex, Dylan, Mason, Tanner, Shelby, Kevin, Natalie
Sitting/Kneeling: Erin, Garrett, Kadi, Chalet, Kamrie, Kim, & Reagan

A picture taken during the Regional Dress Rehersal. It gives a small glimpse of the magnitude of the Dance Festival. The Taco Bell Arena Floor was JAM PACKED with exuberant youth.

A Video clip of our dance at Dress Rehersal.

This has been a GREAT EXPERIENCE for Geoff and I! We've come to know our youth and are totally biased towards them! They are stalwart, tenacious, enthusiastic, friendly, AMAZING kids! It's been such a privilege to DANCE with them. We will miss the frequent contact.