Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Mom and I were able to have a little date and went to the Hale Center Theater. Mom and I have both loved going to the productions there. This theater is one of the things I miss about living in Orem! The productions are inspiring and the talent incredible.

I wasn't familiar with the story of Aida, and AGAIN, I was pleasantly surprised. We both loved it!
Of course, the real treat was being able to spend some time with my Mom. I love her so very much! Thanks Mom!

Art lesson for Justin

Justin has been begging for time to watch Nanna paint. So Nanna and Justin spent the afternoon in her "art studio." Instead of watching Nanna paint, Justin (with Nanna's tutelege) started his own oil painting.

Of course he choose a train picture to draw. He will always love trains!

Here is the beginning of his painting (We will post the final painting when he finishes). He is learning a lot about shadows and highlights and mixing colors. I love to watch him apply what he learns so well.

Justin loves art! He is already such a good little painter--our little Leonardo! I loved watching this experience as it warms my heart to know that my boys are blessed with such amazing grandmothers! What a great influence for good they are in their lives.

Central Utah Water Conservancy District

Our family and Nanna went to the Central Utah Water Conservancy District to check out their display of water resistant plants (to give us good ideas when we landscape our house). It was inspiring and beautiful. We can wait to create our own smart piece of paradise!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A beautiful day outdoors

Jolynn and her boys joined us for a good portion of the day today, and we had a blast! Our boys all play together so well! I am always amazed with Jolynn and Alex. They are such dedicated, creative, fun and loving parents. It shows through their boys. We love being with them. It's also fun to share home schooling ideas!

We had a picnic for lunch and dinner--it has been so beautiful outside since we've been here. Joanna has such an inviting back yard that it's hard NOT to eat outdoors. In fact, most of our food comes from her garden and fruit trees. The boys LOVE to "pick" their dinner!

A Hat for Max

Lately, upon entering a store, Max will sign "hat" and doesn't stop signing until I find a hat for him to wear. I finally broke down today and bought this one for him. Now he can wear it all the time. He is so funny.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love this picture! I not only love having both my moms together (we all went to Romero's primary program for church) but I love that they are good friends. So often our two families combine activities and do things together. How often does that happen????? We have been so blessed by our mothers.

We loved going to the Romero's primary Program. Abraham and Sammy were so cute and did such a good job on their speaking parts. Their primary program was especially neat. Not sure I can say why, except that we felt the spirit so strong through those cute children!!! An of course, they sang Oakley's song at the end. I love his song!

Mike and Alisha came down from Draper, and Mom joined us at Joanna's for dinner. It's never enough time!

Max has REALLY TAKEN to his Nanna and Grandma. He is our first child to want to leave us to go to them! He adores them both! This morning he woke up, looked around, and after figuring out where he was, yelled out, "Nanna!"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

TJ's Baptism

This morning we went to TJ Neyman's baptism (one of the main reasons for our trip to UT). We all looked forward to this special event, but Justin was especially excited. He and TJ are not only cousins, they are very good friends. TJ has been an incredible example for Justin, especially as Justin prepares himself for his baptism next year. They are both such fantastic boys.

The baptism was a great experience. Good Job TJ! We love you.

TJ's baptism was in the chapel right next to the Draper Temple that is almost completed. It is absolutely beautiful. We can't wait to come back and go inside.

We spent most of the day with Mike and Alisha and kids. We had lunch, went to TJ's football game, and played a little football ourselves. Personally, I love when Geoff and Mike get together. They are so funny! We all laughed our heads off watching them play football...dads against sons. They both are such fun dads.

It is always such a treat to spend time with ANY and ALL of our family. We so often marvel that we are SO BLESSED to have such truly meaningful relationships with both sides of our families. It is one of the ways I know Heavenly Father loves our little family.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Photographing Numbers

Geoff brought his camera and we spent the first while taking family pictures for the Numbers.

We love staying with Lani & Joe. I have never know a better host than these guys. We always feel so at home and are so comfortable. There company is the best! We really love spending time with them, and Justin always begs to stay longer!
Thanks Numbers! We love you.

To Utah in the Beast at $1 per gallon!

Today we ventured on our first long distance road trip in the Beast. We're excited to see how our homemade fuel works and how good of gas mileage it gets. It's so fun to travel at $1 per gallon rather than $4 per gallon! Yiphee! Geoff has worked so hard to get everything working smoothly with the Bio Fuel. I visited the "shop" where he and his partner make the fuel and was so impressed with their set up. It has really taken a lot of effort to get the oil secured and the formulas right. It just another way which Geoff is amazing. I'm really so proud of and grateful for him.

I really love traveling in the "Beast." We definitely have room for everything and more. The boys LOVE riding in it which makes it all worth while. Our trip down was so pleasant! Max actually slept for a while and Justin and I read some books, and drew pictures and did a little school. Even still, we were so happy to finally reach Leilani & Joe's home in Centerville...our first stop for the evening.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Runny's Gardy Pames by Justin

I was talking to one of my dear friends a couple of months ago who told me that she loves to have her children/grandchildren give her gifts of poetry (either writing or reciting poems). She reminised how she and her children loved Shel Silverstein. So I immediately went home and pulled out my Silverstein collection and started perusing through the poems with Justin.

We've now read most of his poems, but have spent most of our time in his book Runny Babbit which Justin reads and rereads and rereads. He really loves Runny Babbit and as taken to talking "Runny Babbit" talk. He is getting quite good at it and quite clever with his dialogue. It usually takes me several minutes to figure out what he is saying.

My favorite poem is Runny's mancy Feal, and I've been wanting to memorize it; Well, without telling me, Justin memorized his favorite poem--Runny's Gardy Pames, the one on the video.

This Blog is Dedicated to Rod and Jan Degiulio. Happy Day....Justin's special gift to you! We love you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Bush Trimming

Justin is in charge of watering all of our plants and garden boxes. He noticed that some of the leaves of our "dragon" plant were drying out, and decided to trim the plant (as he has seen me done). He did a great job.
This led to the much needed bush trimming project, which Justin has also been in charge of. He likes to form shapes out of our bushes and was busily at work when his apprentice arrived with his paper cutting scissors. Justin gladly obliged and Max eagerly watched and then trimmed his own little bush.
They were SO CUTE TO WATCH and our bushes look...well nothing shy of fabulous!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inventive Justin

Tonight Justin came downstairs and yelled, "Mom, come look!" I got such a kick out of the redistribution of clothing parts!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adorable Max

Geoff was able to watch the last quarter of the Boise Football game. When Max and I got home, we went in and joined Geoff. We can tell already that Max will be a little athlete. He had such an interest in the Game!

He was SO CUTE! He climbed up on Geoff's lap for a good portion of the game, and cheered and screamed and said, "Go! Go!" He carefully watched Geoff and did EVERYTHING he did. (Where was my video camera????) Geoff of course ate it up!

He especially LOVED the football helmets.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ready, set, HIKE!

Sports for Families was so fun this week. For one, Geoff was in town (and that makes all the difference). Last week Justin just wanted to watch and learn about the game, but this week he played. At first, he really didn't want to, but in the end, he really had fun and is looking forward to next's week's game. It makes Geoff and I so happy when we see Justin try things unfamiliar to him and have fun. He is getting so big and really breaking out of his shell. He's such a good boy!

Max, who doesn't need persuading for anything, wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with the sidelines. He walked strait into the rumble in the middle of the field in search of the ball.

He stayed and helped Geoff for most of the game. (Geoff is such a good dad!)

Justin even made a quarterback sack...at least a quarterback flag!


Today is Kris Horton's birthday. A few days ago, my sister asked me to name a few of my hero's and it was so easy to quickly spout out Kris's name. I first knew of Kris because she is the wife of our then Stake President, Craig Horton (Another Hero!). For several months, I knew Kris by seeing her with her husband at church functions. Before ever meeting her, I admired her. She was always so happy and outgoing. You could tell by watching her that she sincerely cared about people. I loved watching these interactions. I especially loved watching her watch her husband. What a love affair her eyes told.

Then we met. After I taught an Enrichment class in Relief Society, Kris wanted to learn more. This is another amazing attribute that Kris has...she loves to learn, even from those whom she could easily teach (me!). Well, we became fast friends, and I have loved her dearly ever since.

These are SOME of the reasons I love her:
  • Kris loves life, and her enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Kris loves the gospel of Jesus Christ, and is one of the Savior's most devoted followers. She yearns to learn the gospel, and quickly applies it into her life. If something is GOOD, it is something she incorporates.
  • Kris is FUN! I'll never forget watching Kris dance to the Signing Times DVD with Max. She has such a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh.
  • Kris has favorites of everything and it is fun to give her gifts because you know what she loves.
  • Kris values health and well being and takes care of her self. She always looks pretty. Even when she shouldn't look good, she does.
  • Kris loves to read, and talk about her good reads.
  • Kris is grateful...for everything. She sees every miracle! She helped me to see a more beautiful world than I knew existed.
  • Kris is an amazing friend because she is a good listener. Yet, she knows when to talk, and speaks such love, empathy, encouragement and support--always.
  • I love Kris because she loves me, and it means so much! Kris will never really know how much her once a week calls every Wednesday morning mean to me.
God has blessed me by sending me many beautiful people into my life. He showered me with love when He put Kris in my life!

Happy Birthday Kris.... I love you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family Night (morning) Games

On Monday night for Family Night games we had planned to go to the Boise green belt to ride our bikes on the beautiful trail. But due to a sick and cranky Max, we postponed until this morning...and it was AWESOME!
Here are a few pictures of the beautiful scenery that the trail follows for over 40 miles. Of course, we only went around 10 of those miles. It was a good bike ride for Justin. He did great!

We stopped and had apples and my version of rice crispy treats (a work in progress recipe till I get it just right-but still yummy). The views were beautiful. On the trail we saw squirrels, a snake, a heron, and a wounded duck that some thoughtless person shot with an arrow. Geoff called for help & and we stayed until the trail experts came.

On the way back to our car, we stopped at the dirt bike tracks. Justin even dared a few hills. Geoff and Justin biked and Max and I ran all over.

Biking on trails like this makes me crave to be outdoors ALL THE TIME. Nature is so rejuvenating. This is a great trail. I hope we make it back before winter settles in. In a couple of weeks, the wild blackberries will be ripe and ready for picking!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Max

Lately, Max has demanded that we eat lying down on the family room floor. Sometimes it's just not worth the battle to NOT do what is fun for him. We've had a good many snacks just like this.

Celebrating the last days of Summer

Where else could we go to celebrate this week of warmth???
Our favorite place...Rock Island. It's always a hit. This time the McCauley kids joined us.



Savanah, Josh, Max, Cole, & Justin

Monday, September 15, 2008

Justin's creativity

Justin had an assignment to divide a piece of paper into four sections and write the four seasons on them. He thought that was a little boring, so he made this little star box instead. Justin never ceases to amaze me. He seldom does things exactly as suggested...his creativity takes him way "out of the box" into another world that is so fun and exciting. I love doing school with him. He's such a good student, and quite frankly...a great teacher!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Woolly Wisdom

This morning we went to The Trailing of Sheep event at the Boise Foothills Learning Center. I can't say that sheep are normally that intriguing for me, but this was a very fun and interesting morning!

I've discovered a new hobby and can't wait to start (and I'm serious!). These are Angora rabbits (so cute!). The lady in the picture raises them and has had as many as 74 at a time. She raises them for their hair, which has amazing properties. It is 7 times warmer than wool, and not irritating to your skin. We admired all the clothing she has made from her own rabbits and it is the softest and coziest yarn I've ever felt! She is very talented.

I told Geoff as soon as we got home, that I want to get a "spinner" and some rabbits as soon as we have our own home! I even signed up for a class to learn how to do it. I LOVE stuff like this.

We then went down into a pasture where they had demonstrations on sheep herding. They showed us how they communicate with the sheep herding dog, so he will do exactly what they desire. These dogs are so athletic and so intelligent. I never realized how much was involved in training them. This was very fun to watch.

Here we have the sheering of the sheep...before, during, and after pictures. After this man sheered his lamb, Max ran over and tried to put the wool back on the lamb...it just wouldn't stick. It was cute.
Well, we all know a little bit more about sheep and enjoyed a beautiful morning outside with good friends. They best way to start a Saturday!

I love when I find good learning activities that don't cost. This was such an event, until of course I got pulled over for speeding. This darn activity ended up costing us $140.00. Ouch...I am so mad at myself!