Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pre New Year Celebration

The day before New Year's we went with Menlove's and Nanna to Garden Valley to the Menlove family cabin.....Gorgeous and OH so fun!
We stayed up until the WEE hours of the morning playing games, eating a feast of good food, and enjoying the company of Good friends! The next day couldn't have been more beautiful. Everything in sight was covered with snow, yet the sun shone brightly. We sledded, made an igloo, and a bit of snow shoeing.

What a blast.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Winkin Blinkin and Nod

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the Menlove Family Gathering in Boise. We had a wonderful feast, played lots of games and joined in the Annual Menlove Poetry Fest. Everyone, young and old shared a poem. I LOVE this tradition and plan to make it a Neyman Fest next year! It was a memorable Thanksgiving. We loved meeting the extended Menlove Family!

This poem is Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod. We had to get it on film as it is often the poem Geoff recites to the kids when he puts them to bed at night.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Community Park

This is what Sweet Idaho is all about... This little park was a nice "resting place" where you could come and fill up your jug with the famous SWEET WATER that pours from the historic water trough, and picnic or enjoy the shady trees.

Well, Tamara Walker, one of the residents, adopted this park and is working with the community to make it a BIGGER, BETTER and even more beautiful, a place where the kids can play, and where families & friends can gather. Tamara and many have put in hours upon hours of labor.

It's been a major renovation project. I drive by all the time, and something is always being done. Several Saturdays ago was one of many community work days where Justin, Max, noah and I worked for several hours moving branches that had been cut, and in the picture above, Geoff is doing tractor stuff.

No one is paid for their efforts, and SO MANY volunteer much of their time. I love that it's a community volunteer project and not a paid city project. It is a great way to get to know the community and to work together to make Sweet a great place to live.

The Entertainer

Friday, November 19, 2010


This last couple of weeks we've studied a bit about Japan. The conclusion (for now) of our studies was a visit to Kako Graviet's home. I met Kako during swim season--our kids had lessons together, and we quickly became friends. She is GREAT!!!!
Eya, Kako, Emi

Kako took some time to show us pictures and tell us a little about her home town (just outside Tokeyo). After reading books about Japan, it was very interesting to see and hear all that she shared. Here are some of what she shared with us...

Japanese money- YEN

Her daughter, Eya in traditional clothing--Kimono
and a picture of her older daughter while in Japan

A popular game they play during summer festival--kind of like badminton
The boys names written in Chinese

A little Origami
and making Origami Samari Warrior hats
Japanese lantern and Fan Justin made earlier in week
and then a great lunch of American Pizza!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Character Cups

For FHE, we made "Character Cups." We talked about Character and how (like these cups) it takes time and great care to create and maintain a good Character. Next week is part 2 of the lesson... "How quickly a character can be flawed." (not so sure I want to give this part of the lesson!--I'm attached to the cups)

Aren't they cute?!!!!

The idea for the lesson came from
Elder Scott's talk on Faith in this last General Conference.

Wester's Pig Lungs

Gail and Barry Wester are in our ward (I VT Gail--she's really neat). She teaches classes at the public schools about smoking. She mentioned that she had pig lungs as an example of what smoking does to your lungs, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show the boys...

Totally enthralled!
A Healthy lung

A cancerous lung
Gail had it hooked to an air machine so you could pump air into the lungs and see how well they responded. The cancerous lung hardly inflated at all... it was a very cool demonstration.
Love learning!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The King of true recyling

This is one of Geoff's current projects on the Farm. They are building a BIG cooler (the closed off portion of building to the right) and a Bio-fuel operating center to the left.
The very cool thing about this building is that is it almost completely built from recycled materials. Last year, Geoff disassembled this garage from a client he was designing a home for...they wanted a new garage so they took it down and stored the parts until now. They re-assembled the garage and added the cooler from an old greenhouse they had been using on a different part of the farm.
The boys loved helping Geoff with some of it. Max collected MANY nails inside while Geoff and Justin put shingles on the roof.

So many fun things to do!!!

This is Geoff's winter crop...lettuce, radishes and other stuff.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pack Meeting Fun

Tonight the boys put on a play for Michael Walker who earned his arrow of light. It was Justin's first public performance and he did great! They have so much fun!

Art with Kylee

Every Thursday, we have art class with Kylee Rex (a girl in our ward who also loves art). They are working on a huge mural right now that has 24 pieces they will put together when they have finished painting them all. They love the project (as does Max!)

They've also been asked to paint a mural on the elementary school wall which they are making paint plans and sketches for right now. So much fun!

Our Rental in Sweet and Moondancer

Our House
Covering for Hay and wood.
What's that out there in the field...a horse?
Meet MOONDANCER...we are keeping her for Shively's who are temporarily out of a location to keep her. She's got a fun personality. As soon as we turn our lights on in the morning, she neighs. We've enjoyed having her here on our property, and Geoff hopes to get more practice training and working with horses.

Our drive out to the road.

Heating our home with wood this year...
SO LABOR INTENSIVE!!--Geoff (and boys) have worked so hard!