Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Neverland!

Peter Pan has been VERY POPULAR in this household lately. The boys love watching the disney movie and also Hook. They spend many hours fighting with swords, killing alligators and pirates, and having food fights--(fair warning if you come to dine with us!).

One of my FAVORITE routines right now are the bedtime rituals...Max either wants to swim or fly like peter pan into his bed. When he swims, we carry him so he is facing the ceiling and he moves his arms like he is swimming in the air (like in the movie Hook). We are suppose to move according to his strokes: big strokes make him supposedly fly faster and we have to move as smoothly and quickly as we can up the stairs in a stroke-like manner, and of course we can relax a bit with his smaller strokes. We are also required to make water swishing noises to compliment his stroke patterns. It is so hilarious, and we all end up laughing our heads off. Justin flies on my back and we usually end up crashing somewhere. Oh, the memories!

So you may well imagine what they wanted to be for Halloween!

I figured that since Peter Pan didn't have a mother, Justin should make his own costume. He did a FABULOUS job (with a little help) ....what a creative mind he has! Of course he knew just exactly how he wanted it!
Max was a NATURAL--WILD INDIAN! (Loin cloth, compliments of Justin's ingenuity and our washcloths & clothespins).
And WaLA...Welcome to Neverland!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Native American Studies

The boys and I have been studying about Native American Indians. We've read some really fun books and made a typical 'chikee' or stilt house and engaged in a little basket weaving. These are Justin's creations above. Some of the books we've read together (or Justin on his own) are:
Vostas: White Buffalo's Story of Plains Indian Life
Stone Fox, Gardiner
North American Indians, Gorsline
The Sign of the Beaver, Speare
Walk the World's Rim,
Justin's favorites are Om-Kas-Toe and The Sign of the Beaver because "they were so adventurous!" I loved Walk the World's Rim and Stone Fox!

We're anxious for an upcoming field trip with some natives in our area!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JD Orchard

JD is a 5 year old boy who lives two doors down from us. We have recently discovered that these boys love to be together! JD adores Justin, Max adores JD and Justin of course loves JD and Max, so it makes for some fun times.

JD is a great little boy, and I often find it amazing that my boys gravitate to other boys who would be Oakley's age. The Lord always seems to provide a "tender mercy" in our family with great people to fill the voids.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Green Party Platter

A while back, Geoff purchased two plastic green platters for a work luncheon. I have wanted more than once to donate them to DI, but Geoff has kindly and persistently suggested that we keep them JUST IN CASE :).

So lately, each day for lunch, Max will pull one of the ugly green platters out of the cubboard and request to have a PARTY for lunch. So we put an arrangement of foods on the platter and indulge. Max's favorite party food is cheese wraps: spinach wrapped around a piece of feta cheese and raisin or apple. I must admit, we have had some fun parties with that darn platter in the center!
I'm trying to decide if Geoff has bribed Max to use the platter, or if the male species are naturally attracted to these things!!????

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Night Cook Out

Geoff and Justin often work together on scout projects each week. This week we made a dutch oven meal for FHE, and Justin planned our meals for the day. I really love scouts and can't imagine a better organization for boys. I love that Geoff loves the projects as much as Justin...they (we all) have fun with the projects.

It started to rain during our cookout, so we made it a cook IN, and made a picnic on our living room floor.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Geoff has armored himself for Noah's all too frequent diaper BLAST's! You know Geoff...he can never be TOO prepared!

Actually this is his CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) outfit. He has been doing this training for several days.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock Island Hike

I can't believe I waited so long to return to Rock Island! There are few things that revive my soul like Rock's so BEAUTIFUL! With the leaves changing it's especially awesome.

We started at Merrill Park and hiked to the island.

Then we all enjoyed the island
At one point, Geoff asked Max for a rock to throw in the river (he couldn't bend down very easily with the baby in the Bjorn, sleeping). Max picked up a rock from the multitudes of rocks around and said, "But this is my special Rock!" ... and threw it in the river. Indeed, these are very special rocks! Sorry Geoff, you're on your own.

Unfortunately, it started raining so we hiked back to the car. We may have otherwise stayed there for a VERY LONG time!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home made Pasta

A couple of weeks ago, Geoff's Bio diesel Partner, Chris--a professional chef, came to our home and made dinner for an organic gardening business meeting (potential partners & associates). Anyway, Chris made Mushroom / Potato Raviolis with a Brussels sprout topping... it was Heavenly! Ever since then, we've been making our own pasta. It's easy and fun to make, and it tastes so divine!!! How will we ever eat store bought pasta again???

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Glass Class

Our home school group went to a Glass shop to learn the art of glass fusion. This was a very COOL learning experience. The owner of the shop has made some AMAZING glass pieces. It was inspiring to see what BEAUTY she could create from a bunch of broken pieces of glass.

Of course the kids all got to create their own piece of art. Justin's art is above, but it still has to be put into the kiln for 7 hours. We'll post the finished product when we get it back.

These field trips are so fun for Justin. He loves all types of Art! As do I!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

At the Zoo

So we took a trip to the zoo...

Justin drove us. Max sat in the front and I hung on in the back.

We saw lions...

...(and even sat on a lion)...

And tigers...

And giraffes.

We even sat in a nest.

When we got hungry a nice lady in the park fed us apples.

Noah was fed by a nice lady too.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Dancing

We are still alive and kicking and Max is still dancing.