Saturday, September 25, 2010

History Come Alive

Today we went to a Boise event called "History Come Alive." They divided the park into four sections... Early American (Civil War & Pioneer Era), Native American, WWII, and Medieval Times. We spent most of the day here and had a blast!!!!

Native American game where you flick a ring to each other with two sticks.

Early american game where you try to roll the circle around the posts.

Justin and Max's FAVORITE part of the entire day. They LOVED watching the dueling and checking out all the swords and fighting gear.

Native American game of throwing arrows through the hoops.

People were dressed up in costume all through out the park. It really made you feel as though you were living in the times!!

Spear throwing.

Bows and arrows!

Lasso the Cow


Civil War COOL.

Abraham Lincoln

Mining for Gold
Bagpipes...My FAVORITE!!!!!!!

Early American Heros

Friday, September 24, 2010

Roystone Hotsprings

This is our very own Sweet Valley Hotsprings...right across the street from Geoff's greenhouse! Justin and I go swimming here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Morning around 5:15 in the morning! We absolutely love hopping in the nice warm water in the cool's divine! Occasionally, like today when Valerie McCauley and kids came up, we rent the springs and enjoy the pool with our friends.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Canning up a storm

Our family has been working hard trying to preserve the food that is plentiful right now. We've canned salsa, peaches, applesauce, blackberry & plum jam, and tomatoes. We've frozen peaches, apricots, tomatoes, and pesto, and have dried tomatoes and fruit leathers. It IS A LOT of work, but oh, so satisfying. I think canned peaches and plum jam are so pretty to look at.

In the picture below, we are de-stemming basil for pesto while listening to Max retell the story of the First Vision. It was a great FHE!
Justin had the task of cleaning fruit leather trays and watching Noah. This is how he accomplished his clever!
Justin and Max have been critical helpers to all our ventures. Max cut most of the tomatoes we dried....and there were a lot!!! My favorite was when he was turning the wheel of the applesauce machine (having worked hard for a good hour at it) said to me, "This is for my applesauce badge!" Oh, he is so funny. Badges were on his mind after attending Justin's pack meeting the other night.

Monday, September 20, 2010


MORE Maxisms:

During Justin's Co-op, I do a little pre-school co-op for Max and friends. This morning he asked me, "Mom, are we going to Kolob today?"

I guess Max has VERY HIGH expectations for co-op! It's so cute, I can't bring myself to correct him.

Above is a picture of Max feeding a baby calf, and below is a picture of the kids learning "Grand Ol Flag" and marching around the house waving the flag and playing spoons! We do have fun at co-op....and Justin LOVES his as well!!!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Turkeys

Surprisingly, this is not a picture of my boys :). We actually have wild turkeys that frequently visit our back yard. Too fun.