Friday, March 25, 2011

Buzz Buzz...Did you hear the news?

Geoff and boys are making Bee Nooks in preparation of the arrival of our bees that will be here mid April. oh HONEY!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nanna arrives!!!

Nanna arrived Home sometime around 3pm. We were all SOOOOO excited to see her car drive up and to realize she'd never have to leave again. We are the luckiest family in the world. We all have anticipated this moment for YEARS!!! It's hard to believe it's all coming to fruition now.

Needless to say...we all went right to work. We had a patch of good weather and had our fruit trees begging for a home. The sun was out and it was energizing to be outside and feel it's warmth.

Our trees were here in this little building...the future Bio fuel processing center.

This is the nifty little tool that dug the majority of our holes for the trees we are planting.

This is Geoff's office. Nice and open.

Our living room, with a cool red stove that our neighbor gave to us. It works great!

The other side of the living room, slash library.

A bit blurry, but my favorite part of the kitchen.

From living room into dining room. A bit cramped, but this is where much of life indoors takes place! I love the windows ALL AROUND the house that let us enjoy the beautiful views! I can look out that window right there and see the entire field that will soon be Sweet Valley Organics.

Motherless Chicks find a home

Sister Bromgard gave us these chicks after their mother died. The boys LOVE them, and if they survive Noah, they will become our first Sweet Farm Chickens.

Hopefully Geoff will complete the chicken coup before they start flying out of the box on our kitchen counter! Ha!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Sandpiper--Winter Quarters for Nanna

We spent a good portion of the day getting Nanna's HOME SWEET HOME set up for her. This is a trailer that the Kings are letting us use (we are so thankful!)--their parents lived here while serving a mission.

The adventure begins on Monday when Nanna arrives. We are all giddy with excitement!!!!!!

A Farm without a Dog????? Impossible!

Our search for a good farm dog began today... A litter of 9 little Brittneys. We were all ready to bring them all home with us on spot...SO CUTE!

Geoff tells me that they're ALOT O WORK to train and care for so young. I guess that is why you buy them as puppies...I suppose that the same follows for having children!!!!

Okay, does this boy need a dog or what?!!!!!

Orchard attempts

Geoff had the tractor out with a big "hole digger" thing to plant about 30 fruit trees in our Orchard to be. We ran into a small pvc pipe that represented a much larger problem...
It was the leach line. Whoops. Plan B

Inspecting the damage

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pine Wood Derby DISTRICT Tournament

Pinewood Derby 2011 brings you RIPTIDE 941. Riptide after the Sword of Percy Jackson and 941 for brother power...Justin age 9, Max age 4, and Noah age 1.

Ready, set, GO!

Justin Neyman, 941 wins again!

Grady Anderson, Ben Shively, Justin, Christopher Weymouth
A Picture of the Sweet Boys Winners. Justin won 1st Place in the Bear division. He is determined to win overall next year. Got to beat those Shively's!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here it is...HOME SWEET HOME!

After several weeks of packing and unpacking, cleaning and Fixing up we finally made the switch into our new old home. We have much of our stuff in a storage shed next to the house, and are happily scrunched into the existing 2000 square feet. There is a living Rm, small dining room, and small kitchen plus two bedrooms upstairs. We've turned the one bedroom into our school room, and the other into a Mud/Pantry. Downstairs is the Food storage, laundry, the 3 boys in one bedroom and us and office in the open area room. It's been tight but fun.

Pictures of 20 acres of outbuildings and fields coming.

Snapshots-- Life on the Farm

Max and Geoff starting sprouts

Bath in Kitchen Sink

K'nex Armor

Watching "Little House on the Prarie"

Max's Midnight Show

His encouraging Audience

All we need to entertain Noah...a ball!!!!

Cooking on the woodstove...we started the first two weeks in our home without a cook stove or oven and no microwave. It was fun and I learned to watch more carefully how Caroline prepared things on Little House!

Enjoying a little relaxation

Moving Joanna's stuff into the shed

Collecting Wood and boys

A science lesson on electricity