Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Everyday there are a gazzilion chores to do... feed the horse, feed the goats, move goats to pasture, feed the dog, feed the cats (nevermind the cats - they can take care of themselves), protect dog food from cats, milk the goats, milk the goats again, strain milk, make kefir out of milk, collect the eggs, chase the chickens out of the hay, clean turkey poop out of the barn, water all the animals, kill a chicken...

It never ends. Sometimes we feel like slaves but it is worth it being self-sustaining with so many things even though it makes no sense financially. Chores keep us grounded.

Rope swing in the lower hay barn

Mayday and Brownie - Alpine goats and great milkers...

This is the milking stand Justin and I made. The goats jump up with the snap of a finger.

Max, the barn warrior

The ninja warrior thing continues....

This is Blackie, he thinks he is tough stuff and he is the smallest rooster in the barn... one of those little bantams.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life on the Farm

Finally getting some paint on the barn...
The egg on the right is a purchased "cage free, all-natural, omega-3 blah-blah" egg. The egg on the left is from our chickens. Color and clarity is no match. I assume it is better for us too.

Reducing the rooster population.