Sunday, April 18, 2010

Max's tunes

Max loves to sing, and sings all the time. This special song is about "Dr. Cockroach"--don't ask, because I'm not sure!!

He and Justin especially love to replace silly words in songs, such as;
While eating Monday night pizza..."My primary colors are one two three, red, yellow and blue. Each one has a pizza for you and me..."
On his way to go potty, Max sang, "I love to see the temple, I'll go potty there some day,"...

It never ends. They're always singing and laughing and singing and laughing.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's warm... Rock Island baby!

Our first notably warm day this was BEAUTIFUL, and we all agreed we HAD to spend it at our favorite place...ROCK ISLAND.
It was Noah's first time (out of womb) to experience it...and he rated it a 10!

Annie, Jay and Mia joined us after a couple of hours. O, how we love to enjoy Rock Island.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Deerflat National Wildlife Refuge

Justin and I arranged a Scout Day at the Deerflat National Wildlife Refuge. They cater specifically to the scouts and help them achieve badges related to conservation. This Refuge was amazing and so beautiful!
The afternoon began with a short movie about all the Idahoan animals.

Our unit focused on birds. Here, the instructor is teaching the kids about nests and nesting materials. She had several different nests that she passed around for the kids to see...very cool!

While the scouts made their very own bird feeders...

Max dug for bones,
Put together some bird puzzles, and explored the many stations for little kiddos. He loved it!
We then went exploring outside in search of birds and their nests.
Max buddied up with Christina Lind whom he adores. (She was a previous nursery leader)
I was amazed at how many different nests we were able to see.
This is a protection wall, so the visitors won't frighten the birds. You go into the little house (below) to observe the birds in their natural undisturbed habitat.
Once inside, you open these little window placed all around the roundhouse and observe. All the boys thought it was ingenious!

Another great day in Idaho!

Reed DeMordaunt for State Legislature

Our Family spent every last minute campaigning for Reed this week. We designed and passed out over 400 flyers, and hosted a Meet N Greet. The work is just beginning to get the word out that the Best of the Best is running for office. We need more people like Reed in office. We're so excited that he's running for this seat, and know he'll make a difference for the better if elected!

Reed for Representative...GO REED!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

State Capital Building

Our trip to the State Capital!

Today's adventure began with the taxing trial of trying to get to our State Capital through the crazy, newly rearranged, one-way streets (I greatly dislike one ways!). The maze ended quickly with the blaring lights of a police motorcycle. Yep, I managed a $75 ticket right in front of the Capital. Nice beginning, eh!
With Max at Annie's, it was actually a very fun tour. I was able to listen the entire time. Amazing! I forgot how pleasant that is!
Our group consisted of us, Val McCauley, Kristi McCallister, and Dasie McCauley's kids. Here is some of what we saw and did...
The sculpture of Christopher Columbus...finished in pure gold. (Justin LOVED this!)

Lying down on the bottom floor compass rose and looking up 5 floors to the beautiful ceiling. Beautiful!

Meeting and getting autographs from the Secretary of State, Ben Ysursa. This is not actually part of the tour...he just happened to be in the reception area when we came in, and invited us all into his office where he explained a little about what he does, and gave each of us a signed book of the history of Idaho. He was so good with the kids.
Original designs of the Seal of Idaho.
Playing, "Yes, Your Honor!"

If only our judges currently serving were this valiant and wise!

This is a train carved from 5 trees originally planted by past presidents. It was an amazing carving!

The original Idaho Sealer.

The SECRET elevator for use of the Judges only.

The Capital really was inspiring and beautiful. It was a very fun and interesting tour.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun

This year's Easter celebration was quite interesting. We loved getting up early Saturday morning and coloring our MONSTER eggs with Dad before he left for the farm.
The next morning, the boys woke up to discover the Easter Bunny hadn't come yet. Has that ever happened to you??? We informed them to go back up stairs and wait, that the Bunny was probably just running a little late. They insisted we all go together, so we wouldn't scare the Bunny away.

Geoff had something to do in his bedroom, and came back running with his gun in hand (of course O Mighty protector!), "I heard something downstairs! Don't worry, I'll get him"
At that point, Max started crying, "Don't shoot the Bunny Daddy!" So Geoff put the gun away, and we all calmly went down and found the infamous pistachio trail that lead us to the grand prize.
This year the bunny left the boys some brown cow yogurt and a matchbox car. They were thrilled!
Too funny!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I'm going through my house trying to simplify and detoxify :). This was the 2nd batch of cleaners that I gave to my neighbor! Goodness...over 5 boxes of cleaners gone! Now I have ONLY 5 Non toxic items to clean my whole house and I LOVE IT!!!! 1. Vinegar 2. Baking Soda 3. Hydrogen Peroxide 4. Borax and 5. Orange stuff cleaner.