Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday FUN day with Scott's

Today Geoff was representing Energy Savors at a booth in the Green Show, and so the boys and I joined Holly Scott and her kids for a day filled with LOTS of fun!!!

Our first event was a show called Sounds Like Fun. It is the second of a series of five shows that are created to help familiarize kids with the instruments of the orchestra. The people who put the shows together are so fun and really tailor their production for the kids.

Today we learned about the String Family. We learned how the instruments are made, what they are made from, and what the parts are called. We also learned about the unique characteristics of each instrument and the different ways you can play each one.

This string quartet all play in the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra and were absolutely awesome! The music they played was beautiful, upbeat and fun.

We can't wait to attend the next one about woodwinds!

We were all very hungry by the time the show ended, and headed over to a restaurant called Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine. This was Holly's suggestion because she knew the kids would love it. I must admit, I was a bit concerned about the kind of food we would be offered!
This place is hilarious! The owners have totally decorated the inside with anything that resembles trailer trash. The entire time I was there I would look up to notice something else so creative and fun in their decor.
The kids especially loved eating in the trailer trash car!
It was definitely a hit with the kids, ...and ME TOO. I was pleasantly surprised with our food. I had a big green salad that had real greens and fresh veggies that was very tasty, and the kids choose Mac N Cheese that had noodles with real cheese. WoW! We'll definitely have to come here again. (They even recycle their oil for bio diesel!)

Our last stop for the day was at Boise State University for Engineering Day for Kids. BSU puts this event together once a year to help educate kids about the world of science and engineering. It is all very interactive and kid friendly. Since we arrived a little late, we didn't get into some of the really COOL classes, but we were able to ...

play with OOBER BLOCKS...

play with a million wooden blocks!...

Meet and listen to Barbara Morgan (Astronaut from Idaho who flew aboard the shuttle in 2007) share her experience of flying to the moon. Her pictures from space were breathtaking to say the least. ...

And finally, attend a class about Rockets and Satelites.
The very best part about this class was that Max (as soon as I sat down) fell asleep for the entire show. Ahhhhh! I loved it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Scare...another healthy heartbeat!

Last week, Geoff and I had another baby scare, which we thought might be the beginnings of another miscarriage. So ONCE AGAIN, we were so relieved at our Prenatal appointment today when we heard the healthy heartbeat of our baby.

If this little baby makes it through (which we all really hope he/she will), it will be nothing short of a miracle. With each new day, I gain a greater appreciation for the delicate nature of life. Creating children, helping them into this world healthily, and keeping them here is all SO MIRACULOUS!!!

What a roller coaster ride we have been through with this little one!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog Testing?

This is a test to see if I know how to blog. JaNae will be very proud.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight while eating Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner (I included chicken in the dish for our little carnivore), Max kept eating and laughing, eating and laughing. I didn't catch on to his joke for a few minutes, and was just enjoying his cute little laugh. Then I figured out that with every bite of rice & chicken he took, he'd throw a piece of broccoli or squash out the back of his high chair and just snicker out right. He was getting such a kick out of his joke! About this time, he had created a nice little pile of vegetables on the floor behind him. HA HA HA. Justin's Antithesis in every way!


Nancy Moore gave this book--The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane--to our family for Christmas. We read a chapter or two every night until we got about 2/3 done, and then couldn't put it down! Not only could we not put it down, but I could NOT stop crying the entire last 1/3. It is so difficult to read a book aloud (to a boy) while you are crying!

This book is amazing, and my new FAVORITE BOOK! The story of a rabbit who learns to hope and love. It hit so close to home for me. I absolutely loved it. Everyone should read it, and read it again to their children/ grandchildren.

Thanks Nancy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ward Dance Specialists

Geoff and I were just called as our Ward Dance Specialists for a Dance Festival that occurs every four years here. The participants include all the youth ages 14 -18. It is actually a production that includes 6 Stakes in the area. Each Stake learns a different style dance. Our Stake will be learning and performing Country Swing.

So Geoff and I will spend a month learning the routines for 3 different dances, then will teach them to the youth in our ward every Wednesday night until the actual Dance Festival. It's a major production, and SO MUCH FUN for the youth.

I'm especially excited to have a good excuse to go dancing with Geoff every week for the next several months. I might even get to buy some PINK cowboy boots!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Science Circus

Our circuit of library shows in the Boise area are always so good. Today we joined the Wright's and went to the Nampa Library to their Science Circus. The guy was very funny and so good with the kids, and showed several experiments that taught mathematical/science principles.
Not complete without the bed of nails!

Justin's friend, Colton, reminds us a lot of TJ Neyman--Justin's cousin. It was a fun morning!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Celebration

After receiving the news about the baby being healthy and strong...we had to celebrate. It wasn't really a birthday, but a babyday! We're all very excited!

Good News Again

We met with another wonderful midwife today, Colleen Goodwin. She is an incredible person and talented midwife, and owns a beautiful birthing center that she and her staff work from. While there, we had an ultrasound to confirm the due date and well being of the baby, and the baby looks GREAT!

We do have a new estimated due date: July 31

So since all my babies have been born late and on (or within a day of) one my siblings' birthdays, I am guessing that this child will be Russell's baby and born on Aug 7th.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We have a baby!

Today we met with Rose and Ian Penwell, who may possibly be our midwife team for this pregnancy. The wonderful thing about their visit, is they pulled out their doppler, and we heard for the first time our baby's heartbeat...healthy and strong!

It was really quite a miraculous moment for both Geoff and I as we both had somewhat talked ourselves out of expecting to hear the heartbeat. We were so pleasantly say the least. We celebrated all day.

We really do have a baby on the way!
Estimated due date: July 27th

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Rembrandt's

This afternoon we pulled out the paints and set up our studio. We are studying still life's right now, so Justin set up his still life, and I set up mine with some of our favorite things.

Here is Justin's set-up and painting. He's such an artist...naturally!

Here is mine. I love doing Justin's projects with him...his art curriculum is AWESOME. I didn't exactly have time to paint mine, but I got fairly far sketching it out. Nothing for me comes naturally--but still I love it!

Max joined us after his nap, and surprised all of us with his painting passion. He absolutely loved having free reign with the paints and brushes, and created some fun art.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Oakley!

Today, Oakley would have been 5 years old.
Happy Birthday Oakley...we love you!

Ode to Angels!

My kids and I barely survived a completely nauseating day yesterday...I was next to non-functioning. To makes things worse, Geoff was out of town, so we were left to endure on our own. My first Angel to speak of was Justin...of course! I don't know what I would do with out him, or how I would survive. He prepared the meals, took care of Max, and did most of his schooling by himself. Most importantly, he made me smile. He is SUCH MY ANGEL!

Another angel who always knows how to buoy me up, is my mom. It just takes a call, and more often than naught, it simply takes answering my phone. It always helps to talk to my mom!

My other angel to speak of was Valerie McCauley who came today and took the boys for the morning (of course, she somehow knew to call!). They went to a lady's home who taught them how to make 3-D Snowflakes. They are very pretty.

The boys had a ball, and I was able to get a little break and restore my sanity. I absolutely love Valerie!

Not a little baby anymore

Geoff keeps telling Max to stop growing. He really loves this stage of life and would like to freeze Max here for a while.

The other night Geoff asked Max, "What are we going to call you when we have another little baby in the house?" (We often call Max, "baby").

Max replied, "I NOT a little baby!"

With that declaration, I laughed and Geoff cried.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Gas!

Max is saying the funniest things these days. I need to be better at recording them!

This afternoon, I smelled a stinky smell, and asked him, "Are you poopy?" (He always tells me when he is--so responsible! He hates a poopy diaper)

He replied matter-of-fact like, "Nope, just gas!"

I laughed so hard! When did he learn about gas???

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All aboard!

Today, we focused OUR chores in the Kitchen. I hadn't mopped for years so figured it was a good place to start. I asked Justin to takes the chairs to the living room. When I heard Justin call "All aboard!" I peeked in to see what was happening. Justin had set the chairs up like a train. Why don't I ever think of things like this???? Another morning of chores made fun!

We rode the train to every destination throughout the day.

Justin and Max both really enjoyed mopping, although Justin's mopping was more help than disaster. But Max ALWAYS follows EXACTLY as Justin demonstrates! I need to invest in some mini work tools!

The really fun part was drying and buffing the floors. So much for keeping the wash down!

Needless to say, I am really enjoying our mornings together, and I also am enjoying an unusually clean home.

Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde at the dinner table

My two boys are so DIFFERENT when it comes to eating. Justin eats everything that is good for him and Max wants everything that is on the borderline of healthy. For example...

Today, Geoff (who was out of town in Sun Valley for a few days) called me with the message that the missionaries had called about the time they should come for dinner. YIKES! I had totally forgot! And of course, Geoff being gone, they wouldn't be able to come to our home, so I began brain storming the dinner possibilities with our limited supply of groceries (end of shopping week). The surprise element, combined with limited surprise and nausea was too much. So we turned to Baja Fresh!

We dropped off the missionaries food to them and came home to eat a side of beans and rice, a chicken mango salad, and a bowl or tortilla soup. Can you guess how it was divided up?

Mom ate the soup and 1/2 the salad.
Justin ate the side of beans and rice and the other 1/2 of the salad.

and Max???? He ate the chicken.
That is all he wanted! (He's such a carnivore!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mom's new year's resolution

One of my new year's resolutions is to have a stress-free morning where we are able to focus on and enjoy what I consider to be the more important parts of our day. I now take as long as we need to do our morning routine, and try to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We get dressed and make beds, then gather at the breakfast table. We read the scriptures as a family while we are eating--for now it's the best time for our boys, as they are sitting and their hands are busy (eating) so they seem to have the ability to listen better.

Then clear up dishes while Justin practices the piano. Then we do chores together (another part of my new year's resolutions). This usually takes a good amount of time considering I usually have to follow Max around and clean up after his "projects". But I had forgotten how much the boys love to work together with me. It was fun, and WE finished chores that otherwise would have been put off for year or something!

Today we focused on the Living Room. Justin volunteered to wash the windows and mirrors. Of course Max had to do exactly as Justin did, so they both ended up with a spray bottle and wipe rag. So cute! They did a good job.

Justin also volunteered to vacuum (how long do you think this will be fun for him?). Max is scared of the vacuum, so he climbed on the couch to develop his reading skills, and make sure Justin did a complete job. Such good, hard workers. I'd definitely hire them, if I were a paying sort of mom :).

Then we have personal scripture time...sing songs, learn scriptures, talk about a scriptural doctrine or learn more about the stories, and finish up with a story that pertains to the value we are focusing on for the month. This month is obedience.

Here they are each learning a scripture.

Being a mom is a JOYFUL job. I am encouraged by the time we shared together today. I look forward to a great 2009.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another big Snow!

Geoff went outside to build a snowman with Justin. They never make the usual creations...they're always much more creative and fun! I love it! Of course it is adorned with Grandma's Snow Man Kit supplies, which we love to use every time!

My boys!

This is one of the millions of reason why I love my boys... they love each other! I put on a Signing Times video so I could get a few things done for dinner. This was the picture I found as I came back up to check on them. Justin takes such tender care of Max, and Max simply adores Justin. This makes my heart sing!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Little Chefs

With all the cooking gear the Cummings gave us for Christmas, we were ready to put our skills and tools to the test. After a few days of cooking with beans and grains, Justin was especially ready to cook something "real"! He choose cupcakes...
They had so much fun measuring, pouring, scooping (and tossing and scattering in Max's case).

Then they patiently waited.

The timer FINALLY went off. I'm not sure which was louder...the beeper or the shouts of joy from the boys..."They're done, they're done!"

"Yum!" There's nothing like homemade cupcakes!

Thanks Carrie, Russ and Girls. We've been loving your Christmas Gift!