Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boise Zoo with Orchards

The gang:
Jay & Mia Orchard, Max & Justin Neyman...
they LOVE to be together!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Justin spent days working on this project, and it was so cool when he finished it. I wish we had taken a video of the balls going through the roller coaster. It had so many different routes that made pieces swing, roll, pop, was COOL! It was a FUN project that Justin, Max and Shively's worked on together.

Relief Society at it's best!!!

This is Sweet's annual Relief Society Kayaking trip. Never had a more inspiring activity than this...WOW was it beautiful and AWESOME!!!

The Shively's

This is part of the family that lives across the street from us, and have quickly become GREAT friends of ours. From the left, Parker, Justin, Ben, Max, and Todd. Our boys practically lived with each other during the summer. We've had a lot of fun adventures together.

Here we made boats and raced them in the Shively's swimming pool.

Newest member of the Farm Family

Meet Stripes... the newest member of our little Farm Family. If he survives Max and Noah, it will be a simple miracle!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More of Max

On the way to a Sacrament Meeting/ Farewell for Bekah Demordaunt, the boys were writing a farewell letter. Max finished his drawing and I said, "Don't forget to sign it!" Max replied, "I did. See? It says,

"MAX. com"

Oh my how we laughed at that!!! coming your way! Do we live in a technological world or what??? My 3-year old is signing his name!

I was lying next to Max as he was dozing off into sleep, when he said, "Mom, I need another binkie." I asked, "What do you need another binkie for?" He replied, "To put in my ear!"


After many days of discussing/teaching about not saying unkind words, Max crawled into my lap and put his hands tenderly on my cheeks, looked sweetly into my eyes and said, "Mom, you're not dumb OR stupid."