Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too tired to make it to bed.

Free Time

What do you get when you have 2 boys with free time, a bunch of canning jars and a few stuffed animals??????
Yep, protein for our food storage just increased by about 15 jars! Oh my.... I laughed hard at this when I saw this arrangement on my table. The boys played for HOURS with these guys. Too funny!

Pet Rocks

The boys had fun making Pet Rocks with David Hale. David is a good friend of the boys. He is a miracle boy who is actually 10 years old (although you might guess he is Max's age by his size), and is a living marvel to the many doctors who have worked with him. We love him!
This is Justin's pet rock holding a cell phone. He made another that was a peacock, duck, and turkey combo. It was cool looking too. Max's is a space ship you can see in the previous picture. So fun to see the imagination of these boys come out!

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